Rana Raouda is a prominent Lebanese painter born in Beirut, 1961. She studied Fine Arts at the Lebanese American University of Beirut, and after graduating in 1983 she continued her training in the field at The Torpedo Factory of Virginia in 1988, followed by Corcoran School of Art in Washing- ton D.C. in 1992 and The Monoprint Workshop in New Mexico in 1992.

She has successfully showcased her work internationally at solo and group exhibitions mainly in France, Italy, Switzerland, UAE and Beirut.

Her work shows abstract facets that come together to convey a unique story to every viewer. She has received great recognition from curators, collectors, critics and museums alike. Her work has been displayed in important collections, art museums and art galleries around the world.

Nevertheless, who better to describe her work than Rana Raouda herself: “My paintings are vertical, meant to lift one up. It comes from a stubborn belief in love and beauty in a world where these things can be hard to find. This is what my work is about.”

Rana Raouda fluently expresses her love of nature through abstract forms.

Raouda’s lively vivacious canvasses radiate warmth and positivity. Working with acrylics on canvas, Rana creates numerous layers, often in various tones of the same color, giving each painting a sense of depth and movement. Her inspiration comes from life and nature but she paints always from her memory. “When I start a painting I do not plan the entire composition. The desire to express myself comes from within and what my brush conveys are moments that I have captured in my mind’s eye.”

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